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5 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Kitchen This Spring

Spring is here — the season of growth, change, and new beginnings! And if you’re still sitting on the fence on whether you should do your renovations this season, we’re urging you to put those rejuvenated energies to work – ’tis the season to start something new!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to take on full-blown renovation projects to refresh your home. Instead, simple swaps of hardware, a change of paint, adding newfound styles or ornaments to any room, and rearranging furniture can spruce up a home in dire need of change! The possibilities are really endless!

If you have a little bit of time on your hands, the best place to start is the kitchen. Most homeowners start their renovations at the heart of the home as this is where the magic happens! If you’re planning to host brunches or dinners in the near future, you won’t regret starting your renovation in the kitchen since this is the common area where everyone gathers. Plus, if you’re thinking of sprucing up because you’re putting your home in the market, you’re on the right path as kitchens are one of the most viewed rooms in online searches!

Reasons Why You Should Do Your Kitchen Upgrades

Here are some compelling reasons why you should do your kitchen upgrades (or really, any projects you’ve been putting off for a while now) this spring!

1. Add a “touch of you” to the kitchen.

When you step into your kitchen, does it feel like you? A fresh coat of paint, change of cabinet handles, or a new set of lights can almost instantly do the trick! If your countertops have been installed for a while now, you might want to look into that too. You’ll be surprised at how much a countertop upgrade can change the look of your kitchen and make it truly yours.

2. Make your kitchen more functional.

If you’re wondering where to start, ask yourself: When you’re using the kitchen, do you feel that something is missing?

There are numerous ways to reconfigure your kitchen and make it more functional, and it ultimately depends on your preferences. If you have too much stuff or little space for everything, start maximizing the functionality of your kitchen by getting rid of equipment or dinnerware sets you have not used for a while or no longer need. If the space is still not enough, add more organizers or cabinets.

You can also add a pantry (if you haven’t yet) to keep your non-perishable food items separate from your dinnerware, kitchen equipment, and so on. You can also add or change your lighting, change sinks, or fixtures – any change that will best suit your needs. 

3. Save money and time in the future.

It’s a given that a complete kitchen remodel comes with a hefty price tag. However, expensive kitchen renovations are not necessary most of the time. 

This actually goes hand in hand with your kitchen’s functionality. Repairing something as soon as you spot them can save you the burden of extensive planning and expenses in the future. If you have outdated appliances, dented countertops, leaking fixtures, or worn-out cabinets, this is your sign to upgrade or fix them!

For example, outdated appliances use more energy than new ones and fixtures that leak wastewater. You may not feel the burden of the monthly expenses on your utilities, but these will definitely add up in overtime.

Countertops are also worth looking at. If your countertops are dented or dulled, you may want to have this looked at (and repaired if possible) as it can cause accidents. On the other hand, countertops with worn-out sealing should be resealed if you want to preserve and lengthen their working life.

4. The weather calls for it!

Most kitchen renovations will set you back from two weeks to two months, especially if it involves painting, countertop upgrades, or installing new appliances. And guess what — spring weather calls for it! The temperature is not too cold or too hot, and you’ll thank yourself later for doing this now than later.

Home renovations done in spring can also let you enjoy summer seamlessly and with a reinvigorated aura! If you’re planning on hosting gatherings, you’ll have more time to entertain your guests than having to worry if your appliances or fixtures break down during your party.

If you’re looking to sell, spring also puts the odds in your favor. Summer is notoriously famous as the best time for home selling or buying. Based on our research, spring sparks the home selling activity, but sales really go up during the summer months. Most sources attribute it to longer days, great weather, and people generally having more spare time during these seasons.

5. Increase the value of your home.

Even if you’re not looking to sell, upgrading a kitchen is one of the trusted ways to increase the value of your home. A newly improved kitchen can bring you improved happiness — knowing that you will be making and sharing meals with a trusted kitchen you genuinely love and deserve.

Updated kitchen appliances, sturdy countertops, functional fixtures, and aesthetically pleasing backdrops are also key for homeowners looking to sell. However, countertops hold the most weight. Granite, quartz, and marble countertops can drastically increase your home’s value due to these natural stones’ designs, quality, and craftsmanship. Some homebuyers will even start at the kitchen and check the countertop material. If they don’t like it, they might immediately dismiss everything, even if the house is worth looking at.

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Planning to refresh and upgrade your home this spring?

We are ready to help you choose the perfect set of counters, cabinets, and fixtures to complement your home. From the design process to installation, we’re by your side. Count on us for all of your custom kitchen renovation needs!

P.S. Let’s talk about your home renovation project, and we’ll provide you with the resources you need to ensure your experience is simple and pleasant every step of the way.

Happy Remodeling and Happy Spring!

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