Terms & Conditions

For projects over $1000, a 30% to 50% downpayment is required on all custom fabricated stone at the time of measurement or order placement. The balance is due upon installation. Projects under $1000 require full payment to reserve and cut stone prior to cutting.

Natural stone is a product of nature and is therefore subject to all its inherent variations. Cast veining, markings and coloration of the final product may vary. The slabs arrive to our location with the face already finished and natural stone may have small pits or marks or irregularities in texture or shine therefor it is important to view and approve the slab before fabrication whenever possible.

Removal of old countertops or appliances is not automatically included in your fabrication quotation. At your discretion, we can arrange for removal with an independent contractor for a nominal fee.

We do not do plumbing or electrical work. We can arrange for disconnection and hook-up of appliances and sinks with an independent contractor for a nominal fee. Any kind of construction activities other than granite counter-top fabrication and installation are excluded.

As a matter of policy, we do not connect dishwashers directly to the stone counter top. This is for your protection. Vibration, heat and steam will invariably lead to complete anchor failure and/or cracking of the stone countertop. Discuss arrangements with other sub-contractors to connect to wood furring strips, the floor, or the wall prior to the granite installation.

Depending on the layout, stone type and lighting the location of the seam will be determined by E&D Granite City Inc.

For safety reasons, overhangs cannot be more than 11″ unless additionally supports are installed by a general contractor. The standard overhang for a 24″ base cabinet is between 1″ and 1 1/2″ depending on the field conditions.

For correct sizing, please provide all sinks, faucets, instant hot water dispensers, soap dispensers, filtered water units and any other fixtures physically on-site at the time of measurement.


if you are under-mounting your sink: we must have your sink and/or template by the time of the measurement so we may correctly size your cutouts during fabrication. Before purchasing the sink ask for dimensional approval. For cleaning and fabrication purposes under-mounted sink cut-outs will normally overhang approximately 1/4″ from the under mounted sink edge. If you have a cast iron sink or large farm sink, please provide all the necessary installation and under-support arrangements before installation as per the E&D Granite City Inc. Instruction sheet for under-counter kitchen sinks.

If you have a drop-in sink: drop in sink cutouts are executed at the installation. Please have your sink on hand.

Please provide locations of faucet and additional accessory holes during installation.

All cooktop cut-outs are cut at the jobsite. For other technical considerations, please have your cooktop on hand at the time of measurement.

We wax edges and seal countertops automatically at the plant after fabrication.

After installation, the mechanic will apply one more coat of sealant. For more information about stone care, please check our maintenance data sheet.

All of our installations are fully warrantied for materials and labor. After installation, any kind of stone protection is excluded. E&D Granite City Inc. Is not responsible for any damage by other parties therefore it is critical to inspect the installation for approval while the installers are still on-site and sign the customer satisfaction form.